Rachel's 2012 Watch List - October

10/1 - 10/6
Chicago (R) - Still boasts one of my favorite roadtrip soundtracks.
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby - Dear Lord Baby Jesus, why do people let Will Farrell make movies?
The Cabin in the Woods (R) - Yep, again. Better than watching some dumbass political debate on t.v.
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story - Not great, or but better than some of the other John C. Reilly comedies I encountered.
Looper - I know I really liked it, but I want to see it again so I can say I love it.
Step Brothers - Mary Steeburgen playing Will Farrell's mother makes sad for some reason.

10/7 -10/13
Terri - Comedy, Drama, Comedy, Drama? Who the hell knows?
Criminal - An odd twist to the heist film.
Cedar Rapids - More quirk than spoof. I liked it.
Sound of My Voice - A decent start to a movie, but where's the rest of the story?
Boogie Nights (R) - The only P.T. Anderson worth rewatching, IMHO.
The Avengers (R) - A girl needs her superhero/Whedon fix on a Saturday night.

10/14 - 10/20
Carnage - Adults behaving very badly, and I'm still not sure why.
Cyrus - I don't understand the Duplass love.
Catwoman - I think Halle was in on the joke, but I'm not sure anyone else was.
The Innkeepers - Slow build to...nothing.
Monster's Ball (R) - Except for that sex scene, it's still a pretty good film.

10/21 - 10/27
Arbitrage - Not bad for movie with a lot of financial jargon.
Their Eyes Were Watching God - Still not sure who all was watching God here.
Things We Lost in the Fire - I miss liking David Duchovny.
Hunger - Not of the Fassy variety; another one of Brad's awful B-horror flicks on Netflix. The soundtrack, not the gore, made me sick.
Gothika (R) - If you're a ghost who wants her murder solved, why would you try to kill the woman that you want to solve the murder?
Losing Isaiah - Oh, this movie made me so angry.
Boomerang - That was needlessly long.
Bulworth - Would've been better with Warren Beatty, especially without Warren Beatty rapping.
Perfect Stranger - The internet is the root of all evil and so is this film.
Argo - Much better date night movie than The Master.

10/28 - 10/31
Caddyshack - I really don't like Rodney Dangerfield.
Ruby Sparks - Deconstructing the issue with the manic pixie dreamgirl.
Stripes - The first hour was okay, but that's about it.
What About Bob? (R) - What about the laughs? There were none.

2012 TALLY:
First Time - 220
Rewatched - 100
Total - 320


  1. Oh God, Catwoman... I'm so sorry. We discuss it on the recently posted DemPod. It's the worst Hollywood-level movie I've ever seen. And that includes The Last Airbender.

    1. I'm interested to hear what you guys thought. It's queued up on iPod right now. We have a Halle Berry episode coming this weekend which is why we decided to torture ourselves.


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