New Releases: 11/2/12

Wreck-it Ralph - Honestly, I can't wait to see this.  Rachel mentioned it back when we were looking forward to what the rest of the year held for us, and now I'm dying to see it.  A movie about a character in a video game trying to become more than his programming.  Looks absolutely hilarious.  And give it's video game origins, the actual animation gets to do almost anything.   Can't wait to see this!

The Man with the Iron Fists - I have never heard of this one. Directed by someone whose name is all capital letters - RZA, and starring Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu.  This sounds like it will be totally ridiculous, but I have no idea.   I will not pay money to see this, but perhaps on TV someday.

Flight - This has been showing lots of commercials lately - and sounds like it's based on a true story.  However, figuring out how Robert Zemeckis can make a druggie pilot who causes and saves a plane crash just might be worth watching.   I will not pay money to see this, but perhaps on TV someday.

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  1. I'm super excited for Wreck-It Ralph. But I'm also excited for Man with the Iron Fists. That just looks awesome. Kung Fu craziness. And RZA is the co-founder of the Wu Tang Clan! He often works with Jarmusch and Tarantino.


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