Rachel's 2012 Watch List - May

May was much slower than April, mainly due to stars' careers for the podcast, since I'd seen most of Smith's and Theron's films and with the anniversary episode on the horizon, there was no need to cram anything into the last week. And now I'm addicted to Breaking Bad, along with catching up on the last seasons of Weeds and True Blood. Alas, I'm happy that I'm still ahead of my one-movie-per-day-average goal, but I should be jump starting this new month with two new releases in as many days.

5/1 - 5/5
The Legend of Bagger Vance - Practically 90 minutes of a film dedicated to a game of golf? What fresh new hell is this?
Seven Pounds - That's how many pounds of margarita I had to imbibe to make it through some of Will Smith's lesser films.
Ali - Not as interesting as I had hoped it'd be.
The Avengers - Aside from waiting so damn long to bring in Thor, it was pretty awesome.

5/6 - 5/12
Haywire - Count me as one of the few who didn't really care.
Enemy of the State - A little too bloated with mid-90s technology, but love the random male cast.
Bad Boys (R) - Téa Leoni may just be the most annoying woman on the planet.
Six Degrees of Separation - That was...odd.
Bad Boys II - There are no decent words to describe this messy sequel to a film that wasn't very good in the first place.
Network - One of the most prophetic films I've seen lately.

5/13 - 5/19
Mother's Day - Not to be shown to any mother on actual Mother's Day...or ever.
The Yards - This film should've been better with a good to great cast, but it wasn't.
The Devil's Advocate - The most satanic thing about Pacino is his overacting.
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - Step 1. Declare there is a mole in the British Intelligence. Step 2. ? Step 3. Reveal mole in the British Intelligence.
The Grey - What a terrible promotional ad for the Alaskan wilderness.

5/20 - 5/26
Trapped - Will Kevin Bacon ever stop being a creeper?
Reality Bites - In what cruel world are a yuppie Ben Stiller and a stoner Ethan Hawke the only two choices a girl has?
St. Elmo's Fire - I say it's not the Brat Pack without Molly Ringwald; Demi Moore is just a poser.
The Burning Plain - Just one more reason to love Jennifer Lawrence.

5/27 - 5/31
Black Swan (R) - First time I've watched it since the theater. I no longer feel shame.
The Hunger Games (R) - Just one more time before it leaves my theater. Not like there was much else playing.
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - I'm not the target demographic, but I still liked it.
The Avengers (R) - I still say Captain America is a drag. Thankfully everyone else is on top of their game.
Vertigo - So that's what the big deal is; can't argue with that.

2012 TALLY:
First Time - 123
Rewatched - 42
Total - 165


  1. Glad I'm not alone on Haywire. Though I'm still in a minority on Vertigo. I didn't hate that one, just felt kinda "eh" about it.

    1. Haywire was grossly overhyped for me. Great fight scenes, but I didn't really care beyond that. And I still hate Channing Tatum.

      I think my feelings for Vertigo stem from me not knowing anything about it except Stewart's fear of heights. I had no idea about the actual mystery and plot to it, and since I had prepared myself to endure a film about nothing more than a man who was scared of heights, it was a nice surprise.

    2. Vertigo took me a second viewing to appreciate.

    3. I could see that. It took me a bit to get into it, but once I did, I really dug it.

  2. I see you saw the rare R rated Hunger Games...

    1. For all the whiners who claim the film was too "soft" for the content, that was the way to go. Lots of blood and guts.

      You crack me up, David!

  3. I actually like The Yards quite a bit. I think James Gray's style is quite polarizing, it's a bit soft and lingering when one expects something a bit more intense and dramatic.

    Glad to see you caught up with Vertigo. One of my favorites.

    1. I watched The Yards for Theron's performance and thought she was horribly miscast. The rest was fine enough, but nothing I would necessarily need to see again.

      But Vertigo was indeed fantastic.


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