New Releases: 6/1/12

Snow White and the Huntsman - I enjoyed the earlier take on the Snow White story (Mirror Mirror) and I'm not sure I'll ever skip another Chris Hemsworth movie, so hopefully I'll get a chance to check him out as the Huntsman.  I do like the fact that the advertising is playing up Charlize Theron and barely mentioning Kristen Stewart as Snow White.  I saw her on the Today show, and she's just as awkward as Bella Swan.  Gotta wait for reviews, but looks good.

Piranha 3DD - No.  Just no.

Battlefield America - Until I looked up this week's releases I'd never heard of this film.  After looking at it, I also know none of the actors appearing in it.  The description seems to be basically - Take the Lead meets Step Up 2 the Streets with a little bit of The Mighty Ducks community service and competition requirement.  I will not pay money to see this, but perhaps on TV someday.   


  1. I think KStew has a total of ONE line out of all the combined trailers for Snow White. That makes me laugh.

  2. That's some lazy poster work.


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