Rachel's 2012 Watch List - April

I'm carrying this over from my old site. If you're not familiar, it's pretty self-explanatory. This was an extremely busy month, mainly thanks to the fact that I did a week's worth of catching up with the wrong actor for the podcast and had to cram in a lot in 5 days to be show-ready. I also got around to some late 2011 releases that finally hit dvd. It was a good month. 

Beauty & the Beast (R) - Mia's first time at the movie theater. Read all about it here.
Unstoppable - SPOILER: They stop the train.
Glory (R)- Brought back memories of my 8th grade American History class, which is the first place I watched it.
American Gangster - If I had to choose, I'd give Denzel the Oscar for this over Training Day.
Philadelphia (R) - Speaking of Oscars, how did Hanks win for this, but Denzel wasn't even nominated?

The Hurricane - Somehow managed to feel longer than Malcolm X, though it's an hour shorter.
Devil in a Blue Dress (R) - Not bad for neo-noir. Glad I revisited it.
Fallen - Outside of the continuous "touching" scenes, this was a waste.
Malcolm X - What a marathon.
Inside Man (R) - So glad I rewatched it; forgot how funny Denzel was.
He Got Game - I still say Ray Allen was a bad actor.
Mo' Better Blues - Not Spike's best, but not bad either.
Man on Fire (R) - Step away from the Tony Scott films, Denzel...
Isolation - A reommendation from the Franklies. Freaky stuff!
The Muppets - Chris Cooper rapping: still can't get over that one.

Breaking Dawn: Part I (R)- With Rifftrax! Finally!
Monster - In which Charlize Theron channels Mickey Rouke.
├ćon Flux - Titles with freaky characters automatically piss me off. It was all downhill from there.
2 Days in the Valley - 2 Hours in Hell
Sweet November - What's not so sweet: Keanu's acting.
Shame - A very unsexy look at sex addiction.
In the Valley of Elah - So sad on several levels.
Men of Honor - De Niro and Southern accents never really mix.
Jurassic Park (R) - Thought about taking Mia to see Chimpanzee; stayed at home and watched this instead. They're the same, right?
Little Miss Sunshine (R) - No better way to end a shit week.

The Cabin in the Woods - So the rumors were true: it is an amazing film!
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - If it weren't an MI film, I might have liked it more.
Vicky Cristina Barcelona - When Javiar Bardem isn't playing Anton Chigurh, he's pretty damn sexy.
We Bought a Zoo - What happened Elle Fanning? You were so charming in Super 8 only 6 months prior.
A Good Woman - Helen Hunt should not act...ever again. Otherwise, this was at least a good story.
The Nanny Diaries - Chris Evans is so cute. Too bad his movies are rarely worth watching.
The Black Dahlia (R) - Outside of Fiona Shaw's insane over-the-top performance, this is still a mess of a film, made even worse by Hilary Swank, who looks nothing like Mia Kirshner.
In Good Company - Dear Topher Grace, I miss you.
Iron Man 2 (R) - I love Jess' observation comparing Sam Rockwell's performance to that of a younger Gary Oldman. Check out the next RI episode for details.
A Dangerous Method - Wake me when something interesting happens...
Scoop - The film that makes Hugh Jackman look like a creepy pedophile as he woos a much younger ScarJo.
Match Point - Had no clue what this was really about. All the posters made it look like a bland romance film. Was blown away. Well played, Mr. Allen.
The Man Who Wasn't There (R) - Would entertain the idea of this in a double feature with A Serious Man.
Lost in Translation - I'm not so lost on this anymore, since I've seen the entire film now.
The Prestige (R) - Love it more with each viewing.
A Love Song for Bobby Long - I feel safe in saying Travolta has little left to offer.
Troll 2 - It's not really about trolls...

The Pirates! Band of Misfits - Tried taking Mia to the theater again. More on this in a few days.
Best Worst Movie - This documentary behind Troll 2 left me really sad.
I, Robot (R) - Not a horrible movie, but some wasted potential.
Hancock (R) - See above.

2012 TALLY:
First Time - 103
Rewatched - 38
Total - 141


  1. I think I'm with you on Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. A lot of the carryovers from the previous film is what I really don't like about this film, especially the more "emotional" elements. If it wasn't an MI film, I could see this being a lot better than it was. Still like it a lot.

    Also, The Prestige is one of those films I like more and more with each viewing, which is funny because it's the exact opposite for all the other Nolan films.

    1. I was actually thinking the same thing about Nolan. I love his films to death, but after one or two screenings, there's little left to dig into and they're just there for entertainment value. I've seen The Prestige about half a dozen times now and always find a different theme or element to appreciate for the first time.

  2. Since you haven't said - why did you watch Troll 2?

    1. I had just finished listening to the latest episode of The Lair of the Unwanted, in which they very enthusiastically talk about how much fun it is. So I decided to check it out and the documentary about its cult following. In other words, bored on a Saturday night!

  3. Fallen is great! So is Ghost Protocol. And I freakin' HATED Match Point.

    We all know my love of Inside Man.

    1. All kinds of disagreement going on!

      Oh, and I had to rent Inside Man from iTunes to rewatch it since I gave you my copy a couple years ago.

    2. I don't believe it was me you gave your copy to. I bought my own copy having loved the film in theater.

    3. I don't know why, but I thought I gave you that and Training Day at different times, and I thought it was funny because those were the only two Denzel movies I owned. Turns out I gave Inside Man to Jess during that 2010 Holiday Giveaway at the old site.

    4. Ha! That is kind of funny. I apologize for not remembering!


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