Triple Feature #18

During our final Oscars round this year, Nick was able to get the Poster Scramble and the Title Swap, but even with a hint no one nabbed the Understudy. No love for The Last Emperor apparently. And if you weren't aware, all 12 films used during the four Oscar rounds were all Best Picture Winners. Moving on...

Poster Scramble: I've scrambled the pieces of a movie poster, some pieces are even flipped around or upside down.

Title Swap: I've replaced the main words of a film title with synonyms.

Understudy: I've replaced the actors' heads in a screenshot with our avatars.


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    1. Oh, Pat. Good News: you are correct. Bad News: another reader emailed in the correct answer about 10 minutes before you posted, because her phone wasn't letting her post here. Sorry :(

  2. I believe the bottom image is Super 8.

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    1. Surprised to see you here! And incorrect. Try again...when you wake up that is.

  4. Beasts of the Southern Wild for poster?


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