Rachel's Watch List - November

11/1 - 11/3
Groundhog Day (R) - Repeat viewings feel so meta.
Rushmore - I still don't get the love for Anderson.
Ocean's Eleven (R) - Because who could resist a Saturday night with these two?

11/4 - 11/10
Wreck-It Ralph - One of my favorite animated family films to come along in a while.
Get Low - I wanted to like it more.
Broken Flowers - My first Jarmusch. Not bad.
Synecdoche, New York - I need to see it a dozen more times to even begin to understand what was going on.
Safety Not Guaranteed - Oddly paced for such a short film.
Lost in Translation (R) - Yes, it keeps getting better.
Twilight (R) - You know...
New Moon (R) - because...like...
Eclipse (R) - a new one...
Breaking Dawn: Part 1 (R) - hit theaters. Or something.

11/11 - 11/17
Happiness - Misnomer.
The Savages - Only movie I've seen that comes close to my line of work.
Breaking Dawn: Part 2 - It's over...and stuff.

11/18 - 11/24
Pirate Radio (R) - Another one that got better with a rewatch.
Mary & Max - Wasn't sure what to expect. Still not sure what I watched, but I liked it.
The Ref (R) - Starting the Christmas movies before Turkey Day.
Capote (R) - Did not make me want to reread In Cold Blood this time.
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead - Like Hoffman and Hawke could really be brothers. Pffft. (Otherwise, really good film.)
Flawless - The movie is far from it, but what do you expect from the man who brought you Batman's nipples?
Mission: Impossible 3 (R) - A good action film, but nothing beats the first one for me.
Skyfall - A Bond I liked a lot.
Home Alone (R) - Yes, I use to crush on the Culkin...
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (R) - Even after seeing this awful sequel.
Life of Pi - This made me want to finish the book I started 6 years ago.

11/25 - 11/30
A Christmas Carol - There's a reason...
Black Christmas - I watched all these Christmas movies...
Reindeer Games  (R) - before December even got here.
A Christmas Story (R) - You'll see why in a few hours.

2012 TALLY:
First Time - 236
Rewatched - 115
Total - 351


  1. I'm right there with you on Rushmore. At least I'm not alone.

    Also, I first read the "Only movie I've seen that comes close to my line of work" line to go with "Savages" instead of "THE Savages." I was like "...is there something about Rachel I'm unaware of?"

    1. Yeah, I enter these in a draft as I go through the month, and I had at first put just Savages. As I was reading through it yesterday, I realized what an error that was.

  2. Which "Black Christmas" are you doing? If you're doing the newer one....MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It was indeed the original. And though I didn't love it (post on Friday), I'm sure it's worlds better than the remake.


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