Rachel's 2012 Watch List - September

Where exactly did September go?

The Hunger Games (R) - You know, because it hit Blu-Ray and I bought it.

9/2 - 9/8
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close - Hated the child actor too much for words. At least I finished watching this year's Best Picture nominees.
War Horse - I'm surprised I didn't hate it.
Mermaids (R) - So cheesy, but so much fun with Cher and Winona.
Beetle Juice (R) - Day-O!
Winter's Bone (R) - Because it only gets better with each viewing.
Edward Scissorhands (R) - Back when the team of Depp and Burton didn't nauseate audiences.

9/9 - 9/15
Bachelorette - How did such a decent cast go so wrong?
The Cabin in the Woods (R) - I couldn't wait for the Blu-Ray to hit, so I jumped the gun with a digital download.
The Age of Innocence (R) - Hey Daniel Day-Lewis not hamming it up.
Girl, Interrupted (R) - I wish I was skinny enough to pull off Winona's haircut here.
Little Women (R) - I guess I shouldn't always rely on my 14-year-old self's opinion of movies. Liked this so much better this time around.
A Scanner Darkly (R) - A good story buried under a world of weird.

9/16 - 9/22
Butter - Ever want to see The Last Supper or Kennedy's assassination sculpted in butter? Somethings you can't unsee.
Reality Bites (R) - And so does this movie.
Swordfish - Why Hugh? Why?
Wolverine (R) - Um, so this was definitely not what I remembered, but I was sleep-deprived when I first saw it, so I have an excuse.
Clueless (R) - Had a headache that Tylenol couldn't cure. This fixed it.
The House at the End of the Street - Oh, Ms. Lawrence, please do not make crap like this again.
The Master - I don't have any real desire to review this. It just left me emtionally dead inside.

9/23 - 9/29
Mean Girls (R) - Lindsay, I still don't know where you went wrong.
Real Steel - As silly as a film about boxing robots should be, this was a pretty nice little film.
Someone Like You - Could this have been a more generic rom-com?
Australia (R) - The one Luhrman film I can do without, if I had to choose.
X2 (R) - Angry Wolverine = Sexy Wolverine
Kate & Leopold - Rom-com time travel. It shouldn't have worked, but it did.
Van Helsing - Awful camp. And Hugh wasn't even hot.
Deception (R) - Three good leads, but a pitiful plot.
Beverly Hills Cop - Filling in some '80 comedic blindspots. Thank you Instant Watch.

Pitch Perfect - Sunday silly fun.
Coming to America - Not as funny as I'd hoped.

2012 TALLY:
First Time - 196
Rewatched - 93
Total - 289


  1. That total is crazy! I feel like I'd have trouble doing this because I watch parts of so many movies I wouldn't know which to count.

    1. This doesn't include the parts of kids' movies I watch with Mia or B-horror movies I watch with Brad. I'm just trying to get as much in before February.


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