The Lunchtime Poll #9

I'm a bit surprised, but most of us DO have an actor we'd follow into the depths of hell for a film. Thanks for voting!

This week Heather and Veronica want to know:

Is there an actor whose first role you watched was so dark it had a lasting negative effect on the way you perceived him/her afterwards?

On our most recent episode, Jess mentions not caring for Tilda Swinton for many years because of how villainous her role in The Chronicles of Narnia is. Though I playfully mock her, I recently realized I too have an actor I have similar feelings for, and we wondered if it's a common occurrence. If you do have such an actor, please let us know who and why in the comments.


  1. I feel that way about Helena Bonham Carter. More often than not, the roles she picks are too dark for me.

  2. David, what was your first movie with HBC that tainted your opinion of her? I saw her in a lot of the British dramas first so I saw her as more boring than crazy.

    1. The one that tainted her for me was Sweeney Todd.


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