Sims Screenshots: Fin (...Again)

Bad news, boys and girls. Sims is (are?) dead. It's been coming on for awhile, but I'm tired of administering CPR and I'm just a little burned out on the game altogether. Plus it would have been going away early next year because there was no way I would have had time to work on this feature with a newborn in the house. I do wish I could have made it to #25 here, just so I would have 100 rounds in total (included with my old site), but I am out of options and hope at this point.

So congratulations to Stevee for getting the final round with The Hunger Games:

But Nick sits atop the leaderboard here and I'll gladly send him a little prize for all his determination.

Please no tears though, because I will be filling this weekly space with adorable pictures of my kid(s). Just kidding. I'm not that obnoxious...and that's what Facebook is for. No really, I'll have a new feature starting next week that will actually contain THREE new games. So be on the lookout for that. In the meantime, here's a look back at the Sims that were (was?):


  1. Bummer! But understandable. Can't wait to see the new games!

    And whoo! I won!

  2. Oh, I know this week's!

  3. This makes me sad. Phenomenal run, though, Rachel, phenomenal run. Congrats to Nick. :)


  5. Thanks all! Hopefully the new games are fun (though admittedly not nearly as creative), but they won't take as much time to make and I could do them anywhere, insead of having to do them on home desktop, so it'll be a win-win, I think. Come back Saturday to find out!


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