New Releases: 9/14/12

Resident Evil: Retribution
Yeah, I did a double take too when I realized this 14th sequel in the Resident Evil franchise is the only film in original wide release this weekend. (I'm letting Jess take The Master when it goes wide next week.)

Anyway, I actually kind of enjoyed the first film, as brainless action fun. But that doesn't mean I want to revisit the same damn story every two years. I guess Milla's gotta find work somewhere though.

Thankfully, Disney is re-releasing Finding Nemo. I hate 3D, but it is one of my favorites from Pixar, so we're hoping to go Saturday night. So be on the lookout for a potential Movies with Mia next week.

Okay, I've already dedicated way too many words to this sorry weekend of releases, or lack there of. I'm done.

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  1. The RE films aren't that great (except for the first one, which is fun). But I will say the stories do evolve from film to film (except for the third film, which has almost no story whatsoever).

    Anywho, I'll be watching this one in just an hour or so from now. Partly because I've seen all the others in theater and it feels like tradition, and partly because it's on my V.G. Movie list and I have to.


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