New Releases: 8/31/12

I mostly dig the cast, but a film about Depression-era Southern bootlegging just doesn't appeal to me, at least not enough to make it to the theater on this wonderful holiday weekend. I'll wait for the dvd in a few months.

The Possession
And once again a sweet innocent girl falls victim to an evil spirit taking over her body through a mysterious object. Seriously, get over it, Hollywood. You will NEVER top The Exorcist, so just stop it with the bullshit possession flicks. I'm sick of writing the same damn thing every time you unleash a new one on the world.


  1. I might be swayed to see LAWLESS - mostly for the Hardy & Chastain factor. Depends on how nutty this last pre-TIFF weekend gets.

    1. We didn't get out this weekend to the movies. Not sure I'm anticipating much till Looper anyway. Stayed at home and viewed my blu-ray of The Hunger Games, finally got around to Extremely Loud and Incredibily Close and started War Horse before the dvd messed up.


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