Reel Insight # 83: Michael Fassbender

It's a new year for the show and as we promised in the last episode, some changes are here. So from now on you can find a "schedule" for the episode here and the show notes when you download the new episodes, since we do get heavy into spoilers for the selected 10 films.

0:00 - Introduction: We get to know our guest, Andy, of Ramblings of a Minnesota Geek.
4:50 - Plugs/Listener Feedback: Thanks for all the anniversary love!
15:37- New Movies: Piranha 3DD (Andy), Sarah's Key (Jess), Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (Rachel)
22:09 - Random Topic: Favorite films from the first half of 2012.
25:55 - Character Actor of the Month: Judy Greer
30:25 - Star of the Week: Michael Fassbender
31:52 - Angel
37:18 - Hunger
42:19 - Fish Tank
47:03 - Inglourious Basterds
50:49 - Centurion
55:57 - Jane Eyre
59:19 - X-Men: First Class
1:02:57 - A Dangerous Method
1:07:03 - Shame
1:17:18 - Prometheus
1:27:24 - Wrap up

I apologize if it seems some things were perhaps cut short, but I edited out an hour of material, so some things HAD to be cut short.

Give it a listen and email your thoughts to reelinsight[at]gmail[dot]com. We love feedback and we love to read your feedback while casting. Our "theme" music is from Kevin MacLeod with Incompetech. Also, join the Facebook Fan Page and subscribe on iTunes to stay updated. Thanks for listening!


  1. oooooooooooooo - looking forward to this one!

    1. Hope it lives up to your expectations, Simon!

  2. Aw, I loved Hunger! Maybe I'm seeing something that you didn't...or maybe I'm just a snob. Haha.

    Anyway, I LOVE the new show format. And that you talked about Michael Fassbender. He has been in a lot of quality films.

    I definitely agree on Fish Tank. I love that movie as much as the next person, but I didn't like the direction that it was going in towards the end. Katie Jarvis was really good, wasn't she? Apparently she was invited to audition when one of the casting agents saw her fighting with her boyfriend at a train station. What ever problems she was having with her boyfriend, I'm glad they happened.

    I just watched Shame last week and I pretty much love it more than anything else in my life right now. Which may sound sad, but WOW, what a movie. And what a performance from Fassy. How he wasn't nominated for an Oscar is beyond me.

    Really fine episode!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Stevee! Glad the new format is welcome. It was a pretty good week of watching overall. As for Hunger, I give it the Into the Wild award. I don't necessarily think it a bad film, but one where I couldn't get behind the protagonist's choices, though I'm suppose to be sympathizing with him. Granted, I wasn't as impressed with the quality of Hunger, but had I liked or at least agreed with Sands' decision to starve himself, I could have overlooked some of the lesser qualities of the filmmaking.


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