Triple Feature #22

Keith was the only guesser last week, getting the first two, but nobody chimed in to get Legends of the Fall for the screenshot. Boo!

Poster Scramble: I've scrambled the pieces of a movie poster, some pieces are even flipped around or upside down.

Title Swap: I've replaced the main words of a film title with synonyms.

Understudy: I've replaced the actors' heads in a screenshot with our avatars.


  1. Just in case the poster isn't American Beauty (my thought, too), I'm gonna say Across the Universe.

  2. The rare poster scramble I knew immediately.

    Just not enough information there for me to even make an educated guess at the Understudy.

    1. Yeah, it seems the past few weeks nobody attempts one of them and normally it's Understudy. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

    2. It's just such a fine line between SUPEREASY and IMPOSSIBLE with those, I think.


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