Riddle Me This: Wreck-It Ralph


We've been watching Wreck-It Ralph a lot lately, as in everyday since it was released on Blu-ray. So I've started noticing the little things.

At first Ralph is told Vanellope is just a glitch. Then we find out that she was really once the princess of Sugar Rush that Turbo reprogrammed so he could rule the game as King Candy, and Vanellope glithces because he damaged her code. But if she crosses the finish line, the game will reset and everything will be restored, which does indeed happen.

However, in the very last scene Ralph can see Vanellope racing and she's still using the glitch ability to skip ahead of other racers. I know I shouldn't question an animated movie this much, nor do I know a thing about coding for video games, but...


If the game reset, how is Vanellope still able to glitch?


  1. Perhaps because she's now "all-powerful" as the restored heroine of the game, she decides to employ the glitch and add it to her character's abilities.

    Sort of a good message actually...one that epitomizes a lyric in a song I love by a Canadian band called Stars:

    "Take the weakest thing in you / and then beat the bastards with it"

  2. She can now leave the game (since she's seen at the wedding) so she is no longer a code glitch and is more of an ability glitch power.

  3. Thanks for the input, gents. With a regular movie, my follow up would be "Is it possible for her to use the glitch at her will?" but it seems kinda silly to ask it here. The downside of questioning an animated film :)

  4. My question is more along the lines of "Doesn't her ability to glitch make the game unbalanced?" I hear people complain all the time about games like Super Smash Brothers where certain characters are over powered, so during impromptu tournaments, they are off limits. They don't really explain if the other racers are also given abilities to keep them on equal footing.

    1. I've thought about that as well. It doesn't quite seem fair. The only other racer they show with any advantage is "Candlehead" who lights cherry bombs, which is nothing compared to a racer who can jump ahead of everyone else.


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