New Releases: 3/22/13

Olympus Has Fallen - Morgan Freeman apparently do not play the President in this movie.  Aaron Eckhart does.  So immediately, this has fallen in my opinion.  However, it does look like fun - harmless but fun.  Someone traps the President in the White House and Gerard Butler has to save him.  See, harmless.  Could be good, but need to see reviews.

The Croods - I haven't been impressed by the trailers for this - the animation is just strange enough that I'm having trouble getting on board.  But the colors, and the fact that the lead is a girl makes me kinda want to check it out.  On the fence.

Admission - I will be seeing this at my earliest possible convenience.  Let's ignore the fact that she works at my alma mater, and just skip right to Tina Fey playing a really smart woman, whom I can assume falls in love with quirky Paul Rudd.  Oh, and Lily Tomlin is her mom.  Can't wait to see this! 

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