30 Daysof Oscar: Day 25 - Reel Insight #100: Liam Neeson Redux...and Unplugged

In the midst of our 30 Days of Oscar, we wrap up this chapter of the podcast with our 100th episode! We get back to our roots and retrace our steps all the way back to our first episode by re-discussing Liam Neeson, but hopefully a lot more smoothly. Also, outside of bumpers, there was zero editing involved. Thankfully we didn't go off on too many tangents and kept the actual discussion under 2 hours. However, in case you missed our first episode (lucky you), the original Liam discussion has been tacked on at the end for a nice comparison. So please enjoy the last episode of the Reel Insight Podcast (for now) and thanks for all you support over the past 99 episodes!

0:00 - Intro/Feedback
8:46 - New Movies: Flight, Zero Dark Thirty (Jess) and Warm Bodies (Rachel)
18:37 - Random Topic: What will win Best Picture and what should win Best Picture?
26:57 - Star of the Week: Liam Neeson
28:19 - Crossing the Line
33:02 - Darkman
39:12 - Schindler's List
45:24 - Nell
50:18 - Rob Roy
58:48 - Les Miserables
1:06:40 - Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
1:11:23 - K-19: The Widowmaker
1:18:22 - Taken & Taken 2
1:27:19 - The Grey
1:33:53 - Wrap Up
1:45:16 - Bonus: Episode #1 Liam Neeson Discussion


  1. In the spirit of your ep, I'm live-commenting...

    I'm Pat! PAT! Confusing me with CineKatz is an insult of the highest order!

    I have barely seen any of the Best Pic nominees (sorry, classic movie guy), but it certainly sounds like Argo. Love Django though. Rachel and I should be in the Academy.

    Crossing the Line - He does do an accent; it's called the Liam Neeson. Didn't see this movie.

    Darkman - No! Hell No! Darkman is awesome. It is ridiculous and cheesy and awesome! Take it back!

    Schindler's List - All well said. Not much to add. It's a fantastic film that stays with you. Not one to revisit regularly. The only other thing I'd mention is the Ralph Fieness being awesomely bad.

    Nell - I just assume this is a comedy. It works better that way.

    Rob Roy - One of my favorite sword fights ever. Tim Roth really elevates the pic though.

    Michael Collins - I know you didn't discuss, but I love this film. A great retelling of a critical moment in Irish history.

    Les Miserables - Geoffrey Rush sang better Russell Crowe. Didn't see this film.

    Star Wars Ep. 1 - Liam Neeson is the best part of the film for me (as long as he is not talking midichlorians). When did he start being badass. Go back to Excalibur or Krull (the latter is not good). I'd also point out his brief role in Gangs of New York and of course Batman Begins.

    K-19 - Terrified of the accents that are probably on display in this. Disintegrate? Should that be meltdown? I love Crimson Tide, Das Boot and Red October. This is unnecessary. Have not seen it.

    Taken - These are films I have not seen but feel like I have a million times now. Jess' family: if you are reading this, listen to the ep! You are being mocked for your particular set of skills!

    The Grey - One of my faves from last year. I don't think it's ambiguous in the end. When you think about where Neeson starts, the ending is perfect.

    I'll miss you guys during your hiatus! Congrats on 100!

    1. Wow - Live replying, pretty awesome! Thanks Pat!


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