30 Days of Oscar: Day 18 - The Lunchtime Poll #20

So it looks like most people are going to be watching the entirety of the awards.  I'm definitely among the DVR group, but I also watch the whole thing the night of, just 20 minutes or so behind.

Yep. I watch it live and never miss a beat, from start to finish every year.
  5 (50%)
I only check in with the most interesting awards while it's on.
  0 (0%)
I DVR it and watch it a my leisure.
  2 (20%)
I don't have the time or patience, so I just check the results online the next day.
  2 (20%)
Nah man. Awards are stupid.
  1 (10%)

This week Heather and Veronica want to know two things:

Who do you think WILL win the Oscar for Best Picture?  AND Who do you think SHOULD win the Oscar for Best Picture?

There's likely not another night of TV where so many people will be disappointed and so few really excited - even during the Superbowl, at least half the fans are ecstatically happy.  Not so for the Oscars, since only 1/9th of the people will be truly satisfied by the outcome.  So we ask you to tell us what you think will win, and then what you think should win.  Sometimes they're they same thing, sometimes not.  


  1. I hope ARGO wins. I think it has a good chance. The only real competition it has is LINCOLN.

  2. Monica, I'm with you on this. I really want Argo to win.


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