30 Days of Oscar: Day 10 - Triple Feature #15 (Oscar Edition!)

On last week's Oscar Edition of Triple Feature, Keith knocked out the Poster and Title rounds within minutes, and a few hours later Nick came along to call me out for being a trickster with the Understudy round.

Poster Scramble: I've scrambled the pieces of a movie poster, some pieces are even flipped around or upside down.

Title Swap: I've replaced the main words of a film title with synonyms.

Understudy: I've replaced the actors' heads in a screenshot with our avatars.


  1. Poster is Schindler's List
    Procession = Ceremony
    Is the screenshot Little Miss Sunshine?

  2. Yes to Schindler's List.
    No to the other two.

  3. Replies
    1. That's a Bingo! Did you get it from the Oscar Edition hint?

    2. Yup. And the last one is Midnight Cowboy.


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