Wednesdays Movie Mashup No. 37

Last week was deliberately obfuscated to encourage more responses and it definitely helped.  Well done Nick.  The hint was that it didn't really make grammatical sense once they were mashed together - and that still seems true to me.

Last week's clue: Some crazy characters have to learn how to survive now that their reason for being has changed, while some disreputable characters try to steal gold that was already stolen.
Answer: Toy Story 3 Kings
Ryan - 10
Nick - 9
James - 3Dan, SDGKeith, Liz - 2
Patrick, Dylan, David, AndrewWillRed,- 1

New Clue:  A detective tries to bring down a drug kingpin in New York while another detective tries to bring down a different kingpin in the 1940s.
The goal is to figure out the two movies that overlap in some words creating a new movie described by the clue. Leave your answer in the comments. Good luck!


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