The Lunchtime Poll: #17

Not many votes (again, what up?) but it seems most of us don't have time watch movies on Christmas Day. I guess we're all busy with family and stuff, whatever that's about.

This week Heather and Veronica want to know:

How many Best Picture Nominations will the Academy announce this week?

Apparently Oscar nominations will be announced January 10th. How many (between 5 and 10) do you think the Academy will deem "worthy" of a nomination this year? More importantly, what will be the Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close of the 2013 category?


  1. Hi Ladies, I think this year it is an incredibly strong field and we will probably get a full set, also for potentially the first time I think this year justifies the Academy's decision to expand the number of best picture nominees. As for which will be the ELAIC, dare I say The Master...

    1. Thanks, Will. Apparently a lot of people thought there'd be a full 10 this year, but lack of The Master was a big surprise. I'm not sure many were quite expecting a foreign film to snag a spot, not that it's a bad thing, just a bit of a surprise.


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