New Releases: 1/18/13

Mama - There aren't a lot of movies that have this scary (jump scare at least) of a trailer that I kind of want to see.  Two girls have been surviving in the woods and are rescued and put into foster care.  They seem to have a secret ghost/spirit following them that's evil.  I'm guessing based on the title it's their mother.  On the fence.
Broken City - Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe, and Catherine Zeta-Jones star in a  movie about the politics of New York City.  Crowe is the Mayor and hires Wahlberg to do some off the books investigating of his marriage to Zeta-Jones.  It's hard to get a read on what this movie is actually about, which rarely bodes well for January crime dramas.  Could be good, but need to see reviews.
The Last Stand - Ahnold returns to the screen.  With Johnny Knoxville too.  No. Just No. (Caveat, I liked Arnold in Terminator and Last Action Hero, so there's a small chance I'll like this).


  1. The main thing that makes me wanna see The Last Stand is that it has an excellent director (who directed the likes of I Saw the Devil, The Good The Bad The Weird, and A Tale of Two Sisters).

  2. I agree with Nick on Last Stand. It looks like what Expendables should have been. Mama I want to see because it has Jessica Chastain in the lead role (minus the red hair)


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