New Releases: 1/11/13

Gangster Squad
I had an interest in seeing this before it was pulled from the September '12 line-up for reshoots, which I still find ridiculous. However, whatever marketing came next did not impress, despite my adoration for Gosling and Stone. And any apprehension is apparently warranted considering the lack of love the film has seen in early reviews this past week. Ouch. Whether it was always destined to be (I assume at this point) bad or was a product of quick rewrites, I guess we'll never know. I'll find it on dvd someday, probably by April or May, the way movies are released nowadays.

A Haunted House
Because unleashing all the "Scary Movies" on this world hasn't been enough? Can we just round up all the dumbasses who shell out money for these parodies and dump them on one deserted island, so they can die off simultaneously. We'd sterilize them first, of course. I don't even want some survivor-style competition for reality t.v. Just leave them on a spit of land, with hungry ferocious sharks in the surrounding waters, and forget they ever existed. Also to be dumped on said island: every copy of every one of these parody flicks. Or maybe we could just bury these idiots under all the dvds in like a huge landfill.  Maybe I should stop typing out my evil plans on the internet...

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