25 Days of Christmas - The Naughty List: Go

Sex, drugs and...more sex and drugs. Go is another one of those naughty Christmas films that has very little to do with Christmas, except that it just happens to be a night of complete debauchery set on the holiday's eve.

It starts with Ronna (Sarah Polley) covering Simon's (Desmond Askew) shift at the local grocery store, in order to make extra cash to avoid eviction the next day, on Christmas. T.V. actors Zack (Jay Mohr) and Adam (Scott Wolf) approach her about buying some ecstasy, something they normally get from Simon, so they can have fun at a big Christmas rave. Deciding that selling may be the way to make a quick buck, Ronna agrees, but must go to infamous drug dealer Todd Gains (Timothy Olyphant) for the supply, leaving her bestie Claire (Katie Holmes) as collateral. Meanwhile, Simon parties it up in Vegas with his mates, while Zack and Adam have an ulterior motive for buying drugs from Ronna.

Go is a fun, though at times harsh, look at what a group of wayward teens/20-somethings do for the holidays...which probably isn't very different from what they do for the other 364 days of the year. It's funny, sexy, and stylish, while using the overlapping story telling to create a slight air of mystery. It's one to spin for the holidays when you're feeling particularly naughty.

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