New Releases: 11/23/12

Life of Pi
I started this book once upon a time, but never finished, though I was enjoying it. Can't even remember what distracted me away. Even so, this looks quite stunning and I would definitely love to check it out. And since my dear husband DID finish and enjoy the book, I'm sure we can probably make a date night out of it.

Silver Linings Playbook
I've heard nothing but good things about this since its premiere at TIFF, and Jess really dug it. I'm not a big fan of David O'Russell, but I am intrigued by the premise and the cast, despite the trailer making it look kind of messy, so it might just be a worthwhile.

Red Dawn
So the Hemsworth boys have had a big year. The funny thing is, though big brother Chris has had four releases since April, two of them, including this remake, have been sitting on the shelf since 2009. Thankfully Thor was enough of a hit to get The Cabin in the Woods released, because I can't imagine a world without that awesomeness. However, I don't see the same attachment forming for Red Dawn. I haven't seen the Swayze original, but this remake seems rather pointless and mediocre. It's a potential matinee this holiday weekend, but I wouldn't plan a schedule around it.

Rise of the Guardians
I'm still on the fence abou this one, but mainly because we're at a pivotal crossroads with Mia and what she believes as far as Santa & Co. go. We haven't swayed her one way or the other, but we haven't made a big deal out of Mr. Claus yet. She told me the other day that she thinks he's just a character on t.v., and I'm not going to spoon-feed her lies just to crush her little spirit in a couple years, all while letting that jolly, fat jerk steal all my gift-giving glory. So I'm not sure if seeing more Santa films at this point would help or hurt. Plus the more I see of this, the less impressed I've become. I'll sit on it a few more weeks before deciding whether to take her or not.


  1. Wow - lots opening this weekend! I'm with you on wanting to see Life of Pi.

    1. We're set for Life of Pi tomorrow night. Silver Linings didn't open here. Mia's gone for the weekend, so no Guardians. And Red Dawn's RT score just keeps falling. Love the Hemsworth, but not enough to suffer through that.

      Decided to give in for a Skyfall matinee today. Most enjoyable.


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