New Releases: 11/16/12

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 - The other studios were smart enough this week to basically cede the weekend to the sparkly vampires and their new queen (yes, Bella becomes a queen, like Helen Mirren).  Anna Karenina and The Silver Linings Playbook won't open wide for a while, so they'll come up later in this series.  Meanwhile, you can go see Lincoln if you missed it last week, Wreck it Ralph if you want to explore the child within or just wish you'd kept your old Nintendo, and of course Bond still needs you to go see Skyfall.  But if you've already seen all of those, you can go watch a vampire baby enslave a werewolf (this time I'm not kidding).  Enjoy!  Can't wait to see this! (you knew that was coming).

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