New Releases: 10/5/12

Taken 2 - There have been so many jokes made about this movie - Jon Stewart described this as an irresponsible family to get taken twice.  But at the same time, I'm all for attempting to recreate the magic of the first one.  Liam Neeson's particular set of skills is something I'm more than happy to pay to watch again.  Can't wait to see this!
Frankenweenie - As I have no small children, I will not deliberately be seeing an animated Halloween movie about a kid who uses Frankstein's techniques to reanimate his dog.  Also, I haven't been a Tim Burton fan for a while now.    I will not pay money to see this, but perhaps on TV someday,
Pitch Perfect - Rachel reviewed this on Monday.  As I'm a total dork when it comes to college a cappella so this movie was made to mock me, and I'm more than happy to be mocked.  Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson sound pretty good to me.   Can't wait to see this! 


  1. I've been shocked to discover Frankenweenie getting some outstanding reviews--especially from people who have been hating Tim Burton in the last decade or so.

    But it's totally Taken 2: The Takening for me this weekend (hopefully).

    1. See, the jokes for Taken 2 just keep giving.

  2. Taken 2 is the Die Hard 2 of action movies this week.

    I loved the orginal short film of Frankenweenie and I'm super happy that we are getting more halloween movies for kids besides The Great Pumpkin:Charlie Brown.

    As for Pitch Perfect. I really like Anna Kendrick, but none of the characters in this look to be likeable

  3. I feel that Taken was an unexpected surprise a few years ago. But it was lightning in a bottle and a sequel is very unnecessary.

    You'll love Pitch Perfect.


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