New Releases: 10/26/12

Cloud Atlas
Oh, this seems rather ambitious, no? It could go either way: one of the most stunning and meaningful films of all time or a beautiful disaster. Given my taste for the pretty, I'm optimistic I'll dig it once it hits Blu-ray next year. (My days of spending 3 consecutive hours in a theater are likely over for now.)

Chasing Mavericks
Gerard Butler slides further down the shame spiral. Perhaps I'm wrong, but of all the sports films out there, surfing movies seem to be at the bottom of the ladder in audience attendance, even when based on true stories. I doubt this seemingly by-the-numbers flick will be a game changer.

Silent Hill: Revelation
Another week, another video game-based sequel. But it's got Sean Bean...yeah, even that's not enough for me to care.

Fun Size
You gotta wonder how some movies make it to the big screen and some don't. This flick you probably haven't heard of, the biggest star being Chelsea Handler, has direct-to-dvd written all over it, so its wide release has me returning my head to my desk in a rhythmic banging fashion, especially since the only chance I have of seeing Seven Psychopaths at this point, two weeks after it opened, is at 1:10 in the afternoon while I'm slaving away at said desk. Not fair.


  1. I'm probably not going to catch Chasing Mavericks in the theater, but I'm interested in seeing it someday, and that has everything to do with it being about surfing and nothing to do with Gerard Butler.

    1. Probably a big element of living out in Cali. It holds little interest for us here in the Midwest/South.


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