New Releases: 10/19/12

Alex Cross - I have a confession - I really like Tyler Perry when he's playing himself (no Madea, etc.) so I might actually like this.  And Matthew Fox in his first post-LOST endeavor has also dropped a ton of weight to play a creepy psychopath.  But it might just be stupid and scary instead of fun and thrilling. So I'm on the fence.
Paranormal Activity - I haven't seen the first 3 and I won't see this one.  No. Just no.
The Sessions - I actually saw this at TIFF, it was my most anticipated of the festival and it definitely didn't disappoint.  Future Oscar winner John Hawkes plays a man who suffered from polio and now spends 20 hours a day in an iron lung.  Imagine spending all your time on your job lying down, unable to use arms or legs, and turning your head to the right.  That's what it was like for Hawkes to go to work for this film.  And he's amazing.  Oh and Helen Hunt and William H. Macy are pretty great too.   See it!

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