Lazy Day Recycling: Vampires vs. Zombies

[Note: I was too busy watching Stripes and keeping up with Sandy's destruction last night to come up with a good Halloween post. Instead I'm reposting one of my favorites from the Old World. Hope everyone in the storm's path stayed safe.]

Three Reasons I'd Rather Be in a Vampire Plot
1. Vampires have become synonymous with sex and beauty. Tha doesn't mean there aren't some uggo vamps out there (I'm looking at you, Count Orlok), but I'd rather be surrounded by evil eye candy than rotting flesh.

2. Chances are if you find yourself in a vampire movie, you won't have to rebuild society. When the zombies show up, an apocalypse wiping out most of the planet has occurred and the few survivors must find a way to continue the human race sans water, electricity, technology, etc. Vampires usually don't want to wipe out humans, as we are their food source.

3. Should things go awry and you will not survive, in your human form anyway, would you rather become a sexy vampire who can still form sentences or a mindless zombie simply chasing the smell of human flesh? Yeah, I thought so.

Three Reasons I'd Rather Be in a Zombie Plot
1. Zombies are rather simple creatures who die a simple death. Aim for the head and you're good. There are far too many myths behind killing a vampire and you never know which ones will and won't work until it's too late.

2. Being caught up in a zombie movie offers the opportunity to make new friends. A staple of the zombie movie seems to be a group of strangers coming together to survive the undead chaos around them. Lifelong relationships can be formed in this type of situation, though "lifelong" is relevant during a zombie apocalypse.

3. Once you've made new friends, it's time to pack up and hit the road. That's right, a zombie apocalypse gives you the perfect excuse to get out and travel, boost an abandoned car, throw your guns and preservative-infused snacks in the back and go see all things you never had the time and money to see before the world nearly came to an end, since money will no longer have any value and time is all you have left.


  1. I still love this post. I'd totally rather be in a vampire movie. If only to meet Angel since all vampires obviously know one another!


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