Reel Insight #89: Winona Ryder

Would the two of us love film as much as we do today without this classic 80s/90s star? Who knows, but we refuse to imagine a world without her.

0:00 - Intro/Plugs/Feedback
12:23 - New Movies: The Silver Linings Playbook (Jess) and Bachelorette/Butter (Rachel)
25:10 - Random Topic: What is your preferred average movie runtime?
32:20 - Star of the Week: Winona Ryder
33:13 - Beetlejuice
35:34 - Heathers
39:03 - Edward Scissorhands
43:42 - Mermaids
48:21 - The Age of Innocence
53:04 - Reality Bites
1:00:27 - Little Women
1:04:30 - Girl, Interrupted
1:08:54 - A Scanner Darkly
1:13:16 - Black Swan
1:15:37 - Wrap Up

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  1. Thank you for doing an episode on a great actress. Ok maybe great is a bit much , but she certainly isn't awful. Many people had there first cinematic crush, and for me it was Winona Ryder in "Beetlejuice"(I'm the furthest thing from goth, but have dated goth women) Even as this woman gets older she still looks great, and thankfully can still act. Curious if any of you saw "Sex and Death 101" which reunited her and "Heathers" scribe Daniel Waters? It wasn't a great movie, but she was certainly the highlight of it. Look forward to the next show.

    1. Thanks Vern. Haven't seen Sex and Death 101. Skipped a lot of her obscure stuff from the 2000s. Hoping this new decade picks up a bit for her career.


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