Reel Insight #88: Clive Owen

We try our best not to drool as we discuss Clive Owen. Still...beware.

0:00 - Intro/Plugs/Feedback
5:47 - New Movies: Restless (Jess) and Premium Rush and Piranha (Rachel)
13:58 - Random Topic: Is there an actor whose first performance you saw was so dark, it ruined the actor for you?
20:07 - Star of the Week: Clive Owen
21:08 - Bent
26:17 - Croupier
29:52 - Greenfingers
35:29 - Gosford Park
44:45 - Closer
49:37 - Sin City
54:55 - Inside Man
57:26 - Children of Men
1:04:02 - Duplicity
1:08:14 - Trust
1:17:15 - Wrap Up

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  1. Very nice round up of Clive Owen. I have not seen half of the films you covered, but agree with a lot of the sentiments. I hate Closer (it's just not fun to watch those people). Love Sin City. Rachel: I don't remember you mentioning it, but Tarantino directed the sequence between Owen and Del Toro in the car (I was running while listening, so I may have just missed it while dodging traffic).

    Children of Men is amazing, but I think it's more a feat of direction than dependent on any one actor. And Duplicity? I could watch that movie on a loop.

    As for actors who went too dark early? Alan Rickman immediately came to mind. After Die Hard, he would occasionally pop up as a drmatic or romantic supporting player and I keep waiting for him to start barking orders at people in German while taking hostages.

    1. Yay, another Closer hater! I did forget to mention QT's direction in Sin City, but I do love that scene in the car. The direction in Children of Men is also stunning. I could probably spend an entire episode talking about that movie alone.

      I never thought of Rickman in that way. And it's funny because the first films I saw him in were Die Hard and Robin Hood: Princes of Thieves, where he is the nasty villain in both. It's probably because I heard my mom swooning over him all the time that in mind he couldn't have been a bad person.


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