Wednesdays Movie Mashup No. 18

We have a tie!  Well done Nick for going with the fact that while I tried to use an Olympic themed film, I accidentally went with a TV show title rather than it's corresponding film title.  Oops.  

Last week's Clue: Two athletes try to overcome their individual prejudices while space cowboys attempt to flee the authorities. 
Answer: Chariots of FireFly

RyanNick  - 4Dan - 2
Keith, Patrick, Liz, SDGDylan, David, Andrew- 1
New Clue: Three friends try to find their way home after being left behind while a man and his nephew go to extraordinary depths to find their lost brother/dad.  

The goal is to figure out the two movies that overlap in some words creating a new movie described by the clue. Leave your answer in the comments. Good luck! 

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  1. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey to the Center of the Earth


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