The Lunchtime Poll #7

More like "Midnight Snack Poll." Sorry for the lateness. We were actually recording the latest podcast episode when this post would have normally gone up, but I kinda forgot about it in favor of cleaning house. I really need to adjust my priorities. Anyway, it seems none of our readers/listeners downright hate or ignore classic films, and most seem to really enjoy them, even if it's only the really popular classics.

As always, thanks for voting!

This week Heather and Veronica want to know:

How do you feel about the quality of aging actors' (men only) careers?

With Tommy Lee Jones as our next Actor of the Week on the podcast, we thought it'd be interesting to discuss. We're leaving aging actresses out of this, because that's double-edged sword for another day. So please vote in the poll and leave any thoughts on the subject in comments.

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