New Releases: 8/24/12

Premium Rush - The second of a slew of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's new movies (Looper opens at TIFF).  If anyone can make a bike messenger seem cool it's Jo-Go, but gotta wait for reviews, but looks good.

The Apparition - A wizard (Tom Felton) and a vampire (Ashley Greene) in the same horror movie? No. Just No. 

Hit and Run - It would be one thing if Bradley Cooper was listed as the lead, but Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are first and second.  While I've like Shepard in "Parenthood", I will not pay money to see this, but perhaps on TV someday, if only for Kristen Chenowith.

Little White Lies (limited) - We don't usually bother with all the movies that are released in a limited run, because neither of us will probably have the chance to see them in theaters, but looking through this week's choices, I really wish this was coming closer.  It stars Marion Cotillard and newly minted Oscar winner from The Artist, Jean DuJjardin.  Can't wait to see this!


  1. I redact what I said on the podcast the other day: I may end up seeing Premium Rush this weekend, due to lack of any other options and being evacuated from my house for a few hours.

  2. When I wrote this I wondered if you might cave.


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