New Releases: 8/17/12

The Expendables 2
Didn't see the first one, so I'd feel confused about the plot and continuity...yeah, that sounds like a good reason. And Liam Hemsworth among most of film history's action heavyweights: WTF?

I didn't have any interest to start, but since I've seen the trailer every single time I've been to the theater this year (except at The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, strange...) I'm sick of hearing about it and am glad it's finally here so I never have to see that trailer again.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green
What's with Jennifer Garner playing a woman who can't have kids yet again? Is this her new thing? Does she think it'll give her more range since she's had like 20 with Mr. Affleck in real life? Nope, too sappy for me.

Wait...this isn't a spin-off about Twilight vampires hanging out in sunlight all day? Then I'm out!


  1. Strange. I don't think I ever saw the ParaNorman trailer in theaters. I had to seek it out online to view it. I'm excited about it. There's really not a lot of stop-motion animated features out there.

    1. I hope you enjoyed it, David, but the story really didn't appeal to me.


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