New Releases: 8/10/12

The Bourne Legacy
I had no idea how they were going to continue this series without Matt Damon.  When I first saw the casting, I thought they were just recasting Jason Bourne with Jeremy Renner.  Now that I've finally seen the trailer a few times, it looks more like they're expanding the Bourne universe.  It turns out there were many assassins created like Jason Bourne, and Aaron Cross is just another of those.  Still in the midst of trying to figure out what the hell is going on with Treadstone, it has a lot of great actors - Edward Norton is back on my good list after Moonrise Kingdom.  I know I'll miss Damon, but yes, I'll see it.  

The Campaign
With a published run time of only 85 minutes, my hope for this movie is dropping the more times I see Will Ferrell punch a baby.  And Beardo just doesn't look like he's playing anything different than he's done before.  From the trailer it looks like his permed, little-dog walking, scarf wearing character got married, had kids and decided to run for office.  On the fence.

Hope Springs
When I first saw this advertised, I was pretty sure I had very little interest.  However, I saw the full trailer before Moonrise Kingdom today and it looks much more complicated and funnier than I originally thought.  Steve Carrell plays a marriage therapist to Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones' aging marriage.  They fly to Maine to attempt to get help.  The trailer was pretty funny. Gotta wait for reviews, but looks good.

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