New Releases: 7/27/12

The Watch - This used to be called Neighborhood Watch, but thanks to the negative connotations that has after the shooting in Florida, the movie was retitled.  I saw a trailer for this a few months ago and loved it.  I thought it looked funny.  Then I saw it again a few weeks ago and it looked incredibly dumb.  Then one more viewing before The Dark Knight Rises and I'm fairly sure it will be really dumb.  However, that doesn't mean I won't like it.  However, Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn combine with Jonah Hill to possibly create one of the funniest or one of the absolute worst movies of all time. Unless the reviews are completely amazing, I will not pay money to see this, but perhaps on TV someday. 

Step Up Revolution - This is the fourth movie of this franchise, with another subtitle of "Miami Heat".  I'll admit to having seen and marginally enjoyed the first two.  I didn't see the 3D version though you should go listen to the Matineecast about it (Episode 18.1 from August 2010 if you're looking).  I won't see this version either, but I really hope someone else loses a bet and has to see it.  Or if Kai just goes because he secretly LOVES watching people dance for no reason, particularly in the streets.  No. Just No.


  1. I won't be seeing either of these in theater, but probably on DVD. I'll see The Watch for Ayoade, who is hilarious on The IT Crowd. And I'll see this Step Up because I love So You Think You Can Dance?, and like half the cast of this movie is made up of former contestants.

  2. I still think that Step Up Revolution is set in a dystopian future where a bunch of kids use dance to fight the injustices of a Facist Government.


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