Movies with Mia: Brave

WARNING: I mention a few elements of the film that could be considered spoilers if you have yet to see it.

We had our first BIG theater trip this weekend. Instead of waiting for an early show on Sunday morning with few other patrons, we decided to be...well, brave, and took our chances with a late Saturday matinee spilling over with kids of all ages. After waiting a bit for the film to start and sitting through the trailers, I thought to myself "At least my kid won't be the worst behaved." And she wasn't.

In fact this trip was probably the best behaved she's been. She was very quiet for a majority of the film, though we did have to endure her Spanish once the witch showed up ("la bruja!"). Aside from that there were no major outbursts that I recall, and only one bathroom break this time, which my mother, who accompanied us, was gracious enough to handle.

Unfortunately, we still have the issue of her looking bored for most of the film. Maybe it's not really boredom, but perhaps she has no idea what's going on. Either way, she just doesn't look like she's having fun. However, I am grateful that she never became restless and disruptive during the film. And she didn't play musical laps once, staying in her seat the entire time.

Then the bears showed up. I know you probably think I'm going to say that she was terrified of them and it turned into a nightmare forcing us to leave, but that's not what happend at all. This was when she actually seemed to really get into the story, particularly with the far more vicious bear. This shocked me quite a bit since this is the same child that freaked out over an episode of Curious George the other day, but I went with it.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience, despite the louder older children and the infant down front. Afterwards, I asked her what her favorite part was, to which she simply shrugged her shoulders. So I asked her if she liked the bears and she said "Yeah, but they really scared me." Shocked, I told her I was sorry she was scared, to which she replied "That's okay, I'm fine." I'll figure her out one of these days.


  1. We went to a noon showing of Brave on the Saturday the week it came out. To our surprise there weren't too many people in the theater. So we sat on the far left in the second row - no one around us. But, a family of about 7-8 came in (with a one or two month old, why do people do this?) and sat rat in front of us.

    Usually, we would just suck it up, but as I looked through the theater and the literally dozens of empty seats throughout, I move the family a few rows up away from the Walton family.

    I never understood why some people choose to sit or stand so close to others when there is obviously so much space.

    Glad Mia enjoyed the film. Perhaps her look of boredom is just focus.

    1. That's a big pet peeve of mine too. I would've moved too and not cared if I offended them, because frankly they would've offended me first by bringing in an infant and sitting too close to me.

      Mia may just be focused on the film and I don't realize it. She sometimes has the same look while watching Dora, which I know doesn't bore her.

  2. She's amazing. "I'm fine". For a 3 year old.

  3. I haven't figured you out yet. What makes you think you'll ever figure her out? I enjoyed the movie and was thrilled to have the opportunity to go with the 3 of you.

    1. Glad you got to come with us too. And a huge thanks for paying!


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