Wednesdays Movie Mashup No. 11

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our actual birthdays last week.  Don't forget to listen to the 2-year anniversary episode of Reel Insight - there's a contest and changes to find out about.   

Last week's Clue: A man deals with the loss of his wife by talking to her on the beach and decides to get a Russian mail-order bride leading to a life of crime. 
Answer: To Gillian on her 37th Birthday Girl
DanRyan - 2
Keith, Patrick, Liz, SDGDylan, Nick -  1

New Clue: Two musicians hide in plain sight, as women, while the police in a small town try to solve a strange mystery about the town itself.     

The goal is to figure out the two movies that overlap in some words creating a new movie described by the clue. Leave your answer in the comments. Good luck!


  1. what time doe these usually post? i will try to make the next one.

    1. There's no set time, as to give everyone a fair chance.

    2. I was up at 6:00AM California time to get this one, so I think I deserved it.

  2. Hoorah for name checking Hot Fuzz!!! Love :)


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