New Releases: 6/22/12

First, I have to start this off with a big WHAT THE HELL? Just look at the three posters below and tell me they don't all mirror each other, especially those first two. Bluish-gray color scheme with a splash of bright red or yellow. I'm sure it wasn't intentional for the three major releases of the weekend to all pass around the same poster template (and the first two have other designs, I know), but this is a bit sad. Anyway, end rant. On with the show:

If you don't read the Movies with Mia posts, then you have no idea we've been having "practice runs" at the theater to prep her for Brave. I had intended for Brave to be her first theater experience, but realized practicing on movies I didn't have an interest in might be smarter. So yes, I've been anticipating Brave since its half-minute teaster debuted almost a year ago. Sure the story may look a bit recycled (*cough*How to Train Your Dragon*cough*), but it's not a sequel and it revolves around Pixar's first female heroine. I'm totally in. Now to get Mia excited for it...

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Yes, I'm buying into the insane concept that one our most revered presidents also saved our great nation from a vampire uprising. So what? Of course I love me a good vampire tale, at least one with a twist, and this one certainly sounds twisted. Unfortunately, it does have some warning signs (super low RT score, produced by Tim Burton), but I'll ignore them and make up my own mind. I do, however, get the feeling this will ultimately be this year's Cowboys and Aliens: a clever title sporting a wacky concept that sadly takes itself too seriously, teetering on mediocrity, but ultimaely forgettable. Let's hope not.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
I have no idea why I'm drawn to this film, but I am. Not sure if it's the oddball pairing of Carell and Knightley or just that I'm fascinated by genuine end-of-the-world plots, and this one puts more of a comedic spin on the idea. What puzzles me though is that I've only seen the trailer online, never in the theater (yet if I see one more trailer for Frankenweenie or Paranorman, I will kill a unicorn). It worries me when the studio doesn't seem to have much faith in its product to advertise it more. Thank goodness for the internet.

Seriously? Three major releases in one weekend that on some level I want to see? That's insane!


  1. The line up of those posters is eerie. They're SO similar for seriously dissimilar films. Good catch.

    1. Actually when we were at the theater on Saturday, I noticed almost all the posters had this bluish-gray coloring to them. The only one that really stood out was the all orange poster for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.


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