New Releases: 6/15/12

Rock of Ages - I saw the preview for this before Prometheus, and actually the music was drawing me in.  No, I wasn't into hair metal (is that what it's called?) in the 80's, but I looked back on them fondly as we danced to them ironically in the late 90s.  However, once I realized the guy who plays the washed-up, drug addict hero Stacee Jaxx was played by Tom Cruise, strangely my interest dropped a lot.  He's not believable in the preview - which doesn't bode well for the whole film.  However, the show is a pretty big hit on Broadway, and nostalgic love of music can get people to do a lot of things, so I'm guessing it will make a lot of money.  I like musicals, so it's not impossible that I will love this.  On the fence.  

That's My Boy - Adam Sandler has made some movies I adore.  Hell, we even did a whole episode about him last year for Reel Insight (Episode 35, check it out!).  However, he looks really, really, really, really ridiculous in this.  And I'm not sure it's a step up for Andy Samberg to be the heir apparent to Sandler.  No. Just No.

The Woman in the Fifth - I had no heard of this one - but Ethan Hawke and Kristen Scott Thomas intrigue me.  It's apparently a thriller and seems to be about Hawke befriending Thomas and then finding out she might be a serial killer of some sort.  As the description says it takes place in Paris, I'm guessing "The Fifth" is the 5th Arrondissement  (a sort of neighborhood) in Paris.  Gotta wait for reviews, but looks good.


  1. I'm on the fence with Rock of Ages as well, but I'm probably going to see it eventually. This is just the sort of movie that I can see myself enjoying despite everybody else disliking it.

  2. I agree David. I liked Burlesque do I'm okay with odd movie musicals. It's Tom Cruise that I'm not so sure about.


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