The Lunchtime Poll #3

Pretty much what I thought the results would be, with a majority stating that if Hollywood's going to pumping out more adaptations of classic lit, it's going to depend on the book and the director to get your attention:

Thanks for voting!

This week, Heather and Veronica want to know:

Do you get excited over anniversary re-releases, either on dvd or in the theater?

With our 2nd anniversary episode due next Sunday, we thought it was worth discussing, so check out that episode for more and vote in the poll.


  1. Only if there's a whole bunch of new special features or something. Even then, it depends, since I actually don't watch that many special features. So it'd have be a bunch of REALLY GOOD special features. It it's just a repackaging for an anniversary release, then no. I don't care.

    In the theatre...maybe. But I always enjoy seeing older films in theatres, so it doesn't matter whether it's an anniversary or not. In any case, I'm more excited about national re-releases if they're touring a restored print. If it's just a re-release of an existing print, no restoration, then again, I probably don't care that much.

    1. I've never really been into special features either. The only time I really tried was with the LOTR extended edition dvds. Fell asleep watching all the extras. I'm not much of one for deleted scenes or audio commentary either. I like a good gag reel, should I come across one, but that's about it.

      As for theater, if it's something I've never been able to see on a big screen, then I'll certainly consider seeing it. Unless it's "enhanced" with 3D, no thank you.

  2. I do have a habit of re-buying favourite films which have been re-released in a better and/or updated format, as I think it is important to try and own the best quality versions you can for films that you love and will regularly re-watch. I would also definitely try and make it to the flicks if an old favourite was re-released on the big screen, as that is the medium the film was actually intended for. I am not fussed though by DVD extras, as mainly due to being the proud father of two little people I simply do not have the time to wade through 3 hours of extras, even though I would secretly love to.

    1. I didn't really consider buying the better prints. Great point, Will! I agree that having the cleanest version is optimal, so I can definitely understand upgrading for that purpose. Extras aren't my thing though, so I have no issue buying the bare bones dvds that include nothing but the film.


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