No, this isn't a page dedicated to that 90s sitcom we both love. We certainly wouldn't have made it this far without out all the wonderful friends we've met out there in blogland. Here are some sites (and a podcast) we can't get enough of:

Anomalous Material
Big Thoughts from a Small Mind
Cinema Sights
Cinematic Paradox
Deny Everything
Encore's World of Film & TV
Films from the Supermassive Black Hole
Frankly, My Dear
Hoping for Something to Hope For
Kano's Lay-Z-Boy Theater
Man, I Love Films
The Matinee
Movie Reviews by Tom Clift
Public Transportation Snob
The Ramblings of a Minnesota Geek
Screen Insight
Wide Screen World
Your Face!

If through some horrific error we've accidentally left you off the list, please feel free to point out all of our mistakes and call us names. We'll gladly add you (for a small fee).